SafeSwitch: Oracle Primavera to OCI

Proven Primavera Cloud Migrations

Use SafeSwitch for an Oracle Cloud migration of your Primavera P6 or Primavera EPPM (Enterprise Project Portfolio Management) applications to Oracle Cloud.

End to End Oracle Primavera and Cloud Functional and Technical Support

With SafeSwitch, iAppSys' IT experts use their experience in both Primavera and Oracle Cloud for a successful lift-and-shift migration. Our engineers will follow best practices for Oracle Cloud and Primavera for a seamless transition and support..

  • 24/7 Support, ready to assist you with challenges to your business while ensuring your application is running at maximum capacity

  • Oracle certified, educated and well versed in the latest Oracle technologies and cloud infrastructure

  • Global resources, onshore and offshore experts ready to assist your business

Seamless Oracle Primavera Cloud Migrations at a Fraction of the Cost

Here is our step by step process of what an iAppSys Oracle Primavera Migration entails and how it can help your business:

Assess your current Primavera environment to gather information about its configuration, database, existing support fees and any customizations. Build BOM of Oracle Cloud's offerings, including Compute instances for hosting, Storage for data, and Database services.

Build Oracle Cloud account. Set up the necessary resources in OCI, such as Compute instances for hosting Primavera, Networking configurations, and Storage for data.

If your Primavera installation uses a separate database, we may need to migrate the database to Oracle Cloud. Oracle Database Cloud Service or other compatible database services optional. Ensure that the database schema, data, and configurations are accurately migrated.

Install the required Primavera software on the Oracle Cloud Compute instance. Ensure that you follow Oracle's installation guidelines and best practices.

Migrate your Primavera project data, configurations, and any customizations to the new environment in OCI.

Configure network settings to ensure that your Primavera application on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is accessible by users and integrated with other systems.

Perform thorough testing to ensure that your Primavera application works correctly in the Oracle Cloud environment. Verify data integrity, functionality, and performance.

Plan a maintenance window for the cutover. During this window, switch your users to the new Oracle Cloud-hosted Primavera environment.

After the cutover, validate that your Primavera application is running smoothly on Oracle Cloud. Monitor the performance of your application and database in the cloud.

Continue monitoring and optimizing your Oracle Cloud-hosted Primavera environment for performance and cost-efficiency.

Update your documentation with the new architecture and configurations. Provide training to your users on accessing and using Primavera in the Oracle Cloud environment.

Ensure that your team is prepared to provide ongoing support and maintenance for Primavera in Oracle Cloud.

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