Stoplight Report

Is your Oracle solution in compliance?

StopLight Report: The iAppSys Oracle License Audit & Compliance Solution

Automated Compliance Reporting and More

iAppSys provides the simplest and most reliable Oracle Compliance review, analysis, and report of your company’s real-time database, application, and middle-ware usage.
The iAppSys Audit and Compliance Solution offers automated compliance reporting to save you time and money, and provides auto-detection of data usage, virtualized environments, Oracle options deployment, LMS requirements, LMS stats, control of data access, database vulnerability management and database auditing, Oracle license usage, and a Compliance Guarantee.

We offer rebates against our auditing costs should a delta in Oracle software be detected. Insure your compliance with iAppSys License Management Services.

The iAppSys Auditing and Compliance process is confidential, performed under NDA, and backed by our compliance guarantee.

Our proprietary software and auditing processes identify RED (under-licensed), YELLOW (under-optimized), and GREEN (shelved software, excess costs) areas of your environment – quickly, securely, and confidentially.

The First Step An evaluation of your cloud environment by expert engineers at iAppSys are the key to developing an efficient and sustainable cloud strategy. Contact us to see how Stoplight Reports have helped our clients.

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