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Oracle Cloud Healthcare Solutions

Discover how iAppSys’ Oracle Healthcare Cloud Solutions can provide your hospital, clinic, or health office with a competitive advantage.

A time of rapid change in healthcare.

Hospitals, clinics, and health organizations can best serve their customers by deploying the latest technologies to optimize business processes, reduce costs and improve efficiency. iAppSys is at the forefront of this charge to maximize opportunity through Oracle Healthcare Cloud solutions.

iAppSys’ HealthCloud Program for healthcare leverage Oracle Cloud's best-in-class technologies and iAppSys’ Consulting services to solve challenges faced by hospitals, clinics and service providers throughout the country. Let iAppSys help your healthcare business implement best business practices that enable delivery of better services at lower cost.

With iAppSys’ HealthCloud Program, our customers are realizing significant savings to migrate existing and on-premise infrastructure applications and database networking and storage tiers to the Oracle Cloud.

iAppSys also provides training and support to HealthCloud customers.

HIPAA Attestation for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Enterprises must continue to improve their security posture to meet strict compliance requirements and protect their businesses. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is continuing to invest in services that help our customers more easily meet their security and compliance needs.

With Oracle Cloud Healthcare solutions you can focus on your business knowing that reliable security, compliance, and reliability is taken care of.

iAppSys can provide your organization with the guidance it needs in order to navigate these critical requirements and provide sustainable, compliant, and efficient data solutions.

A Healthcare System on Oracle Cloud

iAppSys delivered a cost-saving Oracle Cloud Healthcare solution to meet the demands of heavy workloads, high reporting and critical business deadlines for a leading healthcare software provider.

Oracle Cloud Solutions for Healthcare

Oracle Cloud-based IT services are transforming how healthcare systems store, access, and use data. iAppSys specializes in helping IT departments adjust to provide and manage these resources for physicians, researchers, clinicians, and health administrators, with services such as:

Evaluate HealthCloud for your Organization

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