Lift Services

With SafeSwitch, Oracle's Lift Services GETS BOOSTED for faster, smoother Cloud transitions to OCI

Complimentary Services

In cases where Oracle's or your provider's Lift and Shift team cannot perform a migration, iAppSys can augment and fill any gaps in their migration capabilities.AppSys Migration Team can provide tailored migration services that meet specific business requirements and ensure a seamless migration process from start to finish.

Migration Expertise

Our experts have over 15+ years of experience with migrating workloads. Our team will provide the necessary expertise and capabilities to handle complex migrations, such as migrations involving large-scale databases or complex application architectures.


iAppSys' SafeSwitch solution not only offers automated cloud migration capabilities, but it also provides organizations with a flexible, customizable, and reliable migration service that can complement and extend Oracle Lift and Shift offerings to help address any migration challenges that may arise.

iAppSys’ Lift Services List

Here are some examples of the many ways we take ownership of the critical tasks related to migration and support services, freeing you to focus on your business strategies and achieve your objectives:

Oracle DBA Services

  • 24x7 Oracle Database Monitoring
  • Proactive and Reactive DBA support
  • Troubleshooting
  • Oracle Support Coordination

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Services

  • 24x7 Oracle Server Monitoring
  • Proactive and Reactive System Administration
  • OS and Middleware support
  • Troubleshooting
  • Oracle Support Coordination

Patching and Upgrade Services

  • Manage patching and upgrade cycle
  • Security patch compliance
  • Standardize patching and upgrade methodology

On-Demand Oracle Support

  • Flexible On-Demand support
  • Monthly utilization to support specific IT needs

65+ customers trust iAppSys' Oracle Cloud Management

7X Oracle Managed Services Provider Award Recipient

2,500+ Oracle DB instances under iAppSys management

200+ Oracle Certifications

35 Oracle E-Business Suite Customers

10 Fortune 100 Clients

Time is Money

Each organization is unique. We take the time to learn about your business goals and develop a migration and support plan tailored to your objectives. We pride ourselves on our long history of working with a wide range of business verticals and bring that experience and expertise to everything we do.

The iAppSys team of highly specialized Oracle Cloud experts has years of experience helping companies like yours make the most of their cloud investments. We use a 360º service strategy that keeps data systems up to date, in compliance, and running at optimum efficiency - saving your organization time and money.

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