iAppSys’ Higher Education Solution, iCampus, supports Colleges and Universities across the country by providing low cost options.

With iAppSys’ Higher Education licensing and support solutions, we guarantee:

Learning management solutions have the potential to greatly enhance communications between students and faculty. Assuring that your campus can take advantage of this innovative technology requires a proven learning management software suite and a reliable backend IT infrastructure. iAppSys’ Higher Education team and iCampus, industry leading solution for Colleges and Universities, provides campuses with dynamic resources to help take course management installations to the next level of availability, reliability and security.

iCampus helps to provide a foundation for engaging and assessing your learners inside and beyond a classroom. By supporting and providing Internet-enabled tools and resources that help colleges and universities of all sizes improve student engagement and, in turn, maximize the teaching and learning experience. Designed to be cost-effective and to easily scale, the iCampus reference architecture helps minimize IT complexity and maximize the overall learning experience.

Whether your institution is a non-profit, public 2 year or 4 year college or for profit private University, iCampus ensures zero downtime for online university, 24/7 Oracle support contact and availability, zero downtime registration and student record and scheduling and much more.