Whether your organization is a non-profit or for profit, understanding your software options as a Healthcare provider or payer is critical when evaluating making your initial investments in your Enterprise Database and Application software.

iAppSys specializes in helping Healthcare entities align their software investments with the organizations long and short-term strategies. Understanding licensing limitations, healthcare records management, security options and audit procedures and requirements is critical when planning your organizations long-term business strategy.

iAppSys’ Licensing and Services team routinely answers questions like:

These questions and many more are critical for your organization to consider and evaluate prior to making any application or database purchase with Oracle software. Whether your organization is simply looking for a DB to sit underneath a 3rd party clinical application, EMR, EHR, Patient care module or any other medical related application, it is absolutely critical to understand the limitations and options you have by purchasing the associated software components from an authorized solutions provider specializing in the Healthcare space. iAppSys’ Healthcare monitoring, advisement and planning solutions will guarantee 100% success and optimization in the development, production and long-term success for your organization. You can request an iHealth Oracle License Management Service quote through our iAppSys Managed Services page.