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Mortgage Company Transforms its Solutions in the Oracle Cloud with Partner iAppSys

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SWMC Mortgage was established with the sole purpose of helping people realize the American dream of homeownership. They strive to offer Americans the most competitive mortgage rates with one of the most comprehensive lines of mortgage products in the industry. Integrity, hard work, fair value, and an ongoing need to improve ourselves are just a few of the underlying values held by Sun West and are all reasons that have allowed them to weather through tough economic times and even expand in the face of such economic adversity. Sun West utilizes innovative technology in all areas of their operations, helping to provide customers with fast turnaround times and ultimately help to fulfill the dream of homeownership for so many Americans.


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Client Requirement

The mortgage industry is in a transformative era. In the past, most mortgage companies used paper-based processes to conduct business, but online computing has opened up opportunities for companies, like Sun West, that are moving into a digital era. From integrating with banks, meeting finanical reporting requirements and supporting day to day operations, iAppSys and the Oracle Cloud were there with the right solution. In order to expand its competitive advantage, Sun West Mortgage Company needed to take advantage of cloud computing to accomplish better testing, development, backup, disaster recovery and the on-demand capacity of Oracle Cloud computing.

The Solution


iSupport, iAppSys' Managed Services in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. iAppSys' long term relationship with SWMC traces back 10 years. The iAppSys functional and technical support team provides Java development support and Oracle Database Managed Services to SWMC . With the Oracle Cloud and utilizing the SafeSwitch program, iAppSys presented a better way for SWMC to develop, build, and deploy Enterprise Java applications and the Oracle Database in the Oracle Cloud.

Moving a 3rd-Party Application to Oracle Cloud. With the help of iAppSys in 2019, Sun West can now monitor the health of its business and scale its application database and storage requirements on demand with ease, clarity, and both long-term and short-term savings. Access to these readily-available, data-driven insights into their company has given the business leaders at Sun West the opportunity to accelerate business while improving productivity.

Learn about SafeSwitch's 90-days to Oracle Cloud program, and how iAppSys provides tailored migration and management services for every environment.

Short and Long-term Benefits:

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