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Scripps Institution of Oceanography

AppShift to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Our Client

The La Jolla, California campus of Scripps Research encompasses more than 1 million square feet across 35 acres on the Torrey Pines Mesa, the center of a thriving biotech community that is one of the most productive and innovative in the nation.

Here, more than 160 principal investigators work with their laboratory groups to understand disease and develop effective treatments. This elite corps includes Nobel laureates, Wolf Prize winners, MacArthur Fellows and members of prestigious scientific academies. They are complemented by an 1,800-member team of staff scientists, graduate students, postdoctoral associates and professionals working in a range of administrative departments.


Principal Investigators


staff members & students


Nobel Laureates

Client Requirement

All of the research at this world-class institution requires a stable, reliable, scalable and secure environment. Scripps chose Oracle and iAppSys many years ago to support the back-end of their custom application development programs. Over the years, as DB versions changed as well as platforms and standard dynamics of IT, the legacy systems began to slow down, IT resources departed, and the overall environment became less responsive and reliable, so it was time for a change.

The Solution


iAppSys focused on two critical factors that needed to be replaced: the specific information the researchers needed and the processes they had to go through to get and use the information. An extensive audit of the client’s current IT tools and infrastructure was conducted. Once this information was compiled, iAppSys hosted the on-site planning session to facilitate communication among individuals from many areas within Scripps Research and IT who use the data systems. The event was a success as it helped iAppSys establish the vision for the data management, and aligned stakeholders around this vision. iAppSys worked with the client’s IT team to develop business objectives and goals for a data management and development solution that would meet identified business needs and achieve rapid adoption today and ensure long-term future success.

iAppSys helped participants feel invested so that they shared their challenges and day-to-day needs and bridged the gap between business leaders and IT professionals to be certain that the AppShift Program and technology solution was aligned with business needs, and ultimately, the research data. The initial assessment and strategic planning was completed in two months and the data solution was completed in 4 months. Implementation and migration of the application, Database, and Storage environment from on-premise to off-premise in OCI has been executed and data is now resting in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure thanks to AppShift.

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“iAppSys' expertise in Oracle technologies, including Java, Oracle DB and the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure helped push our legacy systems into a new, dynamic and innovative solution for our entire Organization.”
Yehuda Bock
Vice President of Research
Scripps Institution of Oceanography

“By using iAppSys services, we have been able to manage some serious database issues and upgrade services. The responsiveness, enthusiasm and professionalism of the iAppSys team has been excellent and continue to exceed expectations with all issues. I would recommend iAppSys for its excellent Oracle services in planning, implementation and long term support.”
Anne Sullivan
Developer / Analyst
Scripps Institution of Oceanography

Short and Long-term Benefits:

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