Is the Oracle Cloud a Little Grey to you?



With our proprietary StopLight Report, iAppSys provides the simplest and most reliable, Certified and guaranteed Oracle Software to Cloud asset review, analysis and report of your company’s real-time Database, Application, and Middle-ware usage. The StopLight Report process is confidential, and highly automated to reduce overall costs, and in turn, provide our clients with an inexpensive “Oracle Guide to the Cloud” understanding each of the valuable assets currently owned and how those assets can best be transferred to Oracle Cloud Services.


With our proprietary software and auditing processes, iAppSys generates a “Stoplight Report”™, which provides specific environments with real knowledge of RED (under licensed), YELLOW (under optimized), GREEN (shelved software, excess costs). Each StopLight customer receives, quarterly reviews for a minimum of 24 months from execution of our StopLight Report.

Following delivery of our StopLight report, Step 2 is our discussion around the BOOST program.


BOOST is iAppSys’ quick, client optimized, rebate program including our FREE Oracle Cloud Credits strategy to support our clients Cloud launch.


With the StopLight Report and the iAppSys BOOST program, our team of Cloud specialized Oracle application engineer and certified licensing and asset management specialist help our clients launch their businesses into the Oracle Cloud Service with the most cost effective and optimized Cloud footprint.


For a quick, FREE discussion about iAppSys’ StopLight Report and BOOST program, please contact us to engage in our quick, two-step solution to immediate ANNUAL SAVINGS.