‘Simplifying Oracle Solutions’ is a specialization performed routinely by iAppSys’ Software Asset Managers.


Who manages your Oracle Licensing? Have you consulted a Certified Software Asset Manager specializing in Oracle LMS (Oracle license management services) to ensure your organization is getting the most value out of your investments?


Through its many acquisitions, license metric reductions, price changes and product rebranding, Oracle licensing management services have become a complex task that must be handled by an Oracle license specialist.
Following our simple evaluation, iAppSys customers know and understand what Oracle licenses they have, therefore they can make the best use of them. Armed with this information, they make better decisions when procuring Oracle, the When, Why, and How much, software acquisition approach. Our oracle database management system encompasses our Layer licensing program. This supports several customers in their Tiered approach to implementing industry leading solutions with low budgets.


iAppSys Oracle “SOS” Services provides a team of licensing experts that provide objective assessments for your business licensing needs.


We help you:

  •  Understand license policy

  • Manage existing agreements

  • Assist in optimizing software assets

  • Evaluate-Develop-Procure long/short-term license needs

  • Utilize existing assets to reduce long term costs


Contact an iAppSys Oracle license manager today to ensure your organization is on the right track.