GoldenGate: iAppSys’ Real-Time Data Integration Solution


High availability of your company’s information is crucial. Risking downtime means losing money. iAppSys’ Oracle GoldenGate Solution ensures that your business is always performing the critical system procedures required to excel and adapt in the global marketplace. By ensuring that systems are operational at all times, your company can function at high performance levels across all areas of infrastructure.


The GoldenGate system supports a real time data integration solution with minimal overhead and ensures scalability. High availability and disaster tolerance means that business-critical functions such as online shopping, ticket booking, and online banking can continue to operate properly without risk. Enabling live data assimilation over your entire company will increase your overall business awareness through data warehousing, operational reporting, and operational Oracle data replication and integration.


Real-time data movement between heterogeneous systems, increased IT flexibility through diverse support, zero downtime system upgrades, and disaster recovery and migrations are key benefits of iAppSys’ GoldenGate. Using iAppSys’ GoldenGate means cost-effective and low-impact real-time data integration and continuous availability solutions.


Let iAppSys, your trusted GoldenGate specialized partner, assure that your company’s availability is never compromised. For more information, contact us or send an email to