enterprise engineered systems

iAppSys Oracle Engineered Systems deliver compelling return on investment, with highly tuned hardware and software working closely together to achieve maximum reliability, extreme performance and simplified maintenance.

With an inclusive “in-a-box” strategy, iAppSys’ engineered system solution combines best-of-breed hardware and software components with game-changing technical innovations. Designed, engineered, and tested to work best together, it can power the cloud or streamline data center operations to make traditional deployments even more efficient. The components of iAppSys’ Enterprise business systems are pre assembled for targeted functionality and then—as a complete system—optimized for extreme performance. By taking the guesswork out of these high-availability, purpose-built solutions, iAppSys delivers a sophisticated simplicity that’s completely integrated throughout every layer of the technology stack—a simplicity that translates into less risk and lower costs for your business.

Faster processing More transactions
Lower Costs Faster data loading
Less risk Faster query results
Faster deployments Better data compression
Higher throughput Higher availability
More storage capacity Less downtime
Smaller footprints Better analytics

For more information on iAppSys’ Oracle Engineered Systems, please contact us at 855-DB-ALERT or send email to support@iappsys.com