Are you prepared for disaster? Network failure, terrorism, fire, software error, vandalism and hardware error can all cause the loss of business-crucial data. Chances are that your business relies on stored data for day-to-day operations. Without a disaster recovery solution, your organization is at risk for losing everything.


Given the importance of data protection, there are a variety of technology solutions available to enable businesses to recover their data in a timely manner. iAppSys can provide a different data recovery solution based on budget or the speed at which your organization needs to recover data. iAppSys’ specialized consultants can recommend and implement an Oracle recovery strategy that best fits your organization’s needs.


Disaster Recovery Benefits:

  • Prevention of prolonged downtime of data and operations

  • Best practices and expert knowledge

  • Reduced cost of backup media.


Let iAppSys help reduce risk, cost, and save you prolonged downtime with the Disaster Recovery Solution. For more information, contact us or send email to