Upgrading and migrating your database requires careful planning and informed decision making. iAppSys will help create a roadmap that meets deadlines, minimizes disruption, and stays within your budgetary needs.


iAppSys can migrate and update your systems or re-platform with near zero downtime and near zero risk. We have a proven methodology and track record that allows us to perform migrations and upgrades with confidence. Leveraging extensive replication technology, we can re-platform your environment onto new hardware, then use your old environment as replica.


iAppSys can keep your database thriving and manage key elements of your systems 24/7. Our dedicated team of iAppSys Oracle RAC DBA’s can maintain your infrastructure and improve your quality of service. With a vast experience of database upgrades and migrations, iAppSys has the resources that it takes to help you upgrade and migrate to the cloud, all while minimizing costs and disruption. Our expertise in this area will allow us to help you upgrade and migrate quickly so that you can take advantage of new innovations and functionalities.


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