iConversion: iAppSys’ Healthcare Data Conversion Solution

Structured Data Conversions for EHR – EMR – PHR Healthcare Systems

Healthcare Systems can spend months researching, selecting, and implementing new EMR, EHR, and PHR systems. Oracle healthcare data conversions each have unique requirements and should choose an EMR that satisfies their needs.

Practices want their EMR implementation incorporated from their existing patient data system from day one. To accomplish this, data from the old system must be extracted and converted to the new EMR’s format.

Now it’s easy to perform the data migration process of your entire practice from one EMR to another. Convert data from legacy systems to an integrated single system for managing all data, new and old.

iAppSys’ iConversion solution specializes in extracting, analyzing, and converting existing clinical data from one EMR, EHR, and PHR system to another. We do not sell these systems; our job is to deliver on the challenging task of migrating all of your existing data over to the new EMR, EHR, PHR system.

iConversion Eliminates: