EBS to Cloud

Oracle Cloud Offers E-Business Suite (EBS) customers options to streamline activities while delivering greater business agility, reducing risk, and lowering costs.

Key benefits of an iAppSys EBS cloud migration are support for business growth, greater business agility, and lower costs and risks. Businesses must be agile to respond to changes such as acquisitions, globalization, divestitures, and regulatory or process changes, with the ability to adopt new technologies or applications functionality. iAppSys can provision new development and test environments quickly in response to such changes while ensuring continuity of day-to-day operations.

iAppSys’ Oracle’s Cloud Infrastructure offerings are elastic and allow IT to scale up or scale out the infrastructure on demand. This elasticity and the flexibility to pay-as-you-go reduces the need for upfront capital expenditure, and decreases wait times for hardware and other resources, lessening overall project risk.

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Customer 2 Cloud

Modern cloud applications can lower the cost of IT ownership, accelerate the pace of innovation, and vastly improve user experience. iAppSys is paving the way to cloud with flexible financial models, rapid implementation services, and packaged integration services. These programs help Oracle ERP customers with solutions from Oracle, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, and Oracle E-Business Suite take advantage of best-in-class Oracle ERP Cloud applications.

Let iAppSys redirect elements of your installed on-premises solutions to the Oracle Cloud. For example, existing seats of on-premises E-Business Suite can be redirected toward a multiyear Oracle ERP Cloud subscription. This means you can use your current support spend to move to modern cloud applications.

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JD Edwards to Cloud

Moving your JD Edwards environment from your datacenter into the Oracle Cloud is a great option for businesses that want the benefits of cloud computing without having to give up the customization and advanced functionality of their JD Edwards application.  Your business can achieve extreme cost savings all while increasing scalability and performance of their JD Edwards applications.  Once the cloud migration is complete, you can experience the benefits of cloud hosting .  You’ll see improved performance, reduced cycle times, and gain the ability to make better data-driven business decisions.

Let iAppSys be your chosen cloud service provider by offering end-to-end services, including technical, functional, and end-user support. Contact info@iappsys.com to get started today.