Oracle’s Autonomous Technology

Is your company ready for a test drive of Oracle Autonomous?   With PayGROW, our clients are getting hands on experience with the Oracle Autonomous Database Engine.   PayGROW includes a simple evaluation and 5 step process to taking your business into the Autonomous Technology by Oracle!

    • Self-Provisioning
    • Self-Managing
    • Self-Scaling
    • Self-Securing
    • Self-Repairing
    • Self-Optimizing



    Oracle Autonomous Database brings together decades of database automation, decades of automating database infrastructure, and new technology in the cloud to deliver a fully autonomous database.

    The database that is self-driving, self-securing, and self-repairing. Let’s explore what each of those terms means for you.

    Self-Driving: Oracle Autonomous Database automates all database and infrastructure management, monitoring, and tuning. This reduces your full-stack admin costs, although admins will still be needed for tasks such as managing how applications connect to the data warehouse and how developers use the in-database features and functions without their application code.

    Self-Securing: Oracle Autonomous Database protects you from both external attacks and malicious internal users, which means you can stop worrying about cyberattacks on unpatched or unencrypted databases.

    Self-Repairing:: Oracle Autonomous Database protects from all downtime, including unplanned maintenance, with fewer than 2.5 minutes of downtime a month, including patching.


    Benefits of Autonomous Database


    Highly Available

    • Recovers automatically from any failure
    • 99.995 percent uptime including maintenance, guaranteed
    • Elastically scales compute or storage as needed with no downtime


    • Administers security automatically with self-patch and self-updates with no down time
    • All data is automatically secured with strong encryption, turned on by default
    • Access is monitored and controlled, protecting from external attacks and unauthorized internal access

    Industry Leading Performance

    • Integrated machine-learning algorithms drive automatic caching, adaptive indexing, advanced compression, and optimized cloud data-loading to deliver unrivaled performance
    • Automatic adaptive performance tuning delivers faster analytics

    Lower Cost

    • Expand/shrink compute and storage independently without costly downtime
    • No overpaying for partially used, fixed configurations
    • Make the move to Oracle Cloud with iAppSys and cut your Amazon bill in half—guaranteed