What is Mission Critical Hosting?

With our Mission Critical Hosting service level, security and performance are key. If your success depends on your online services, Mission Critical Hosting is the solution for you. We not only ensure availability of your applications and platforms, but we also continuously optimize performance and security. iAppSys can play an active supportive and advisory role in your security audits and provides advice for all your security issues in both the short and the long term.


Important changes and optimizations are always meticulously prepared, tested and implemented in close collaboration with you. When implementing and migrating your services and data, we make sure all processes are prepared and executed meticulously. IT managers within your organization are always in direct contact with your iAppSys account manager.


Does Mission Critical Hosting fit your profile?

Our most frequently chosen service level is Mission Critical Hosting. As the name suggests, it’s a service level very suitable for organizations that depend on internet technology to ensure and increase their success. Clients that choose Mission Critical Hosting, choose more guarantees, security and extra service.