Are you aware of discounted support costs available in Oracle Cloud with iAppSys’ EduCloud?

With iAppSys’ EduCloud Program, our customers are realizing significant savings to migrate existing and on-premise infrastructure applications and database networking and storage tiers to the Oracle Cloud.

Cloud services are transforming how higher education stores, accesses, and uses data. As a result, the role of IT is undergoing significant change in order to provide and manage these resources. Cloud-based IT services are becoming a norm for higher education, providing researchers, faculty, students, and administrators alike with the tools that they need.

  • Test/Dev
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Database Backup
  • High Availability
  • Replication
  • Data Masking

In a time of rapid change, higher education organizations can serve their customers by deploying the latest technology to optimize business processes, reduce costs and improve efficiency. iAppSys is at the forefront of this charge to maximize opportunity through Oracle technology.

iAppSys’ EduCloud Program for higher education leverage Oracle’s best-in-class technologies and iAppSys’ Consulting services to solve challenges faced by universities and community colleges throughout the Country. iAppSys helps our higher education and healthcare customers to promote best practices that enable delivery of better services at lower cost.


Transforming Higher Education with Oracle and iAppSys


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